Long BLACK AND WHITE PABLO faux fur coat

Hand-painted BLACK AND WHITE PABLO faux fur is not just a wardrobe piece but a true work of art, turning faux furs into a medium for expressing creativity and style. The uniqueness of this coat lies not only in its aesthetics but also in its ethical approach to fashion. BLACK AND WHITE PABLO is a blend of elegance, ethics, and individuality all in one.



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Black Hand-Painted Women’s Faux Fur Coat

Introducing our long BLACK AND WHITE PABLO faux fur coat, a true masterpiece in the fashion world. The unique combination of faux fur fabric in intense black and white tones creates a harmonious blend of contrasting colors. This coat not only emphasizes the elegance and style of the wearer but also pays homage to art – the painterly motif inspired by Picasso’s paintings gives it a unique character.

The faux fur fabric used in this coat is not only a timeless luxury but also an animal-friendly product, making it an ethical choice for conscious consumers. Additionally, each BLACK AND WHITE PABLO coat is hand-painted, giving it a distinctive and individual character.

This unique coat is fastened with sturdy snaps, making it easy to wear and ensuring stability during use. It also features built-in pockets, adding functionality and allowing for the storage of small items.

It is not just a wardrobe piece but also a manifestation of art, where faux furs are creatively used, creating a unique and ethical work of art.

The coat is proudly made in Poland.

Coat Dimensions:

  • Length: size S: 130 cm, size M: 130 cm, size L: 130 cm
  • Bust: size S: 118 cm, size M: 122 cm, size L: 126 cm
  • Waist: size S: 116 cm, size M: 120 cm, size L: 124 cm
  • Hip: size S: 114 cm, size M: 118 cm, size L: 122 cm
  • Sleeve length: size S: 61 cm, size M: 62 cm, size L: 62 cm


  • Material: 70% polyester, recycled PC
  • Lining: 50% viscose, 50% polyester


  • Dry cleaning.

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