Pablo women’s set

Pablo women’s set combines art, elegance and uniqueness. Let your outfit tell a story and express your individuality, inspired by the brilliant work of Pablo Picasso.


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Women’s Pablo tweed set

Introduce a new dimension of art and style to your closet with the PABLO Set, a unique women’s set consisting of a short jacket and a short skirt. Made of the highest quality synthetic tweed, it not only exudes elegance, but also tempts with a unique hand-painted painting on the jacket, referring to the iconic style of Pablo Picasso.

The PABLO set has been created from luxurious synthetic tweed, giving it extraordinary grace and durability. The material sits perfectly on the body, while providing comfortable wear. The short jacket is a true work of art, decorated with a hand-painted painting in the style of Pablo Picasso. Abstract forms, vivid colors and expressive composition give the whole set an artistic and original character.

The short skirt blends perfectly with the jacket, creating a harmonious whole. Careful cuts and precise stitching emphasize the feminine silhouette, ensuring elegance at every step. Sophisticated accessories, such as decorative snaps, subtle embellishments and carefully color-matched lining, highlight the high quality and attention to detail.

The PABLO set is not only an outfit for special occasions, but also a versatile choice for everyday wear. Add to it elegant accessories to create a unique look for an evening out. Thanks to careful construction and the use of high-quality materials, the PABLO set provides not only aesthetics, but also comfort for all-day wear.

Jacket dimensions:

total length: size S: 62 cm, size M: 62 cm, size L: 62 cm
bust: size S: 102 cm, size M: 106 cm, size L: 110 cm
waist: size S: 102 cm, size M: 106 cm, size L: 110 cm
hip: size S: 110 cm, size M: 114 cm, size L: 118 cm
sleeve length: size S: 61 cm, size M: 62 cm, size L: 62 cm

Skirt dimensions:

total length: size S: 45 cm, size M: 45 cm, size L: 45 cm
waist: size S: 72 cm, size M: 76 cm, size L: 80 cm
hip: size S: 98 cm, size M: 102 cm, size L: 106 cm

Composition of jacket and skirt: 70% polyester, 25% PC.

Washcare: Dry cleaning.





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